15 Tips for Being Able to Get Ready in 5 Minutes or Less


You set your alarm for PM instead of AM, the power flickered in the middle of the night during a storm and the alarm never went off, or maybe you’re just exceptionally lazy and hit the snooze button so long that you literally have less than 5 minutes to get up and out the door so you’re not late (later than you already are). Here’s hoping you haven’t any kids to get ready and out the door in the same amount of time. If you do, I’m here to tell you that you are never going to make it; give it up and go back to bed for a while (hey, if you’re already late, right?) or just take your time. But if you’re by yourself and rushing around, we have a few amazing solutions that are going to help you get ready in under 5 minutes so that you can get out the door and onto the next big thing in no time at all. Just hear us out; we have just enough here to make you look and feel good for the remainder of the day. Just do yourself a favor and find a few minutes in which you can sit down, relax and calm down once you get to wherever it is you are going.

Master the Sleek Bun

If you’re in a situation in which you have five minutes to get ready, our advice is to go with the sleek bun. Pull your hair back and flatten in out, spray it down, and go. It’s trendy and elegant and it hides the fact you did not have time to do anything else to it this morning.

Toss Your Makeup in Your Bag

If you want to, toss your makeup in your bag and forget about it for the moment. You can either do it on your commute if you are not the driver or you can take a few minutes once you’re in the office to get it put on. This only works if you’re not rushing to meet someone, though.

Pick a Dress

The fastest way to get dressed when you have no time is to don a dress. It is one piece of clothing in lieu of several that might need to be ironed or chosen. You have an LBD in that closet, so put it on and enjoy how good you look. It’s also going to make you feel better throughout the day, since we all know rushing through the morning is a terrible way to make you feel confident and good as the day wears on.


If you have time for nothing else, make sure you moisturize. This is going to pep up your skin and make you look more awake and a little bit more capable. You’re going to feel good with your face moisturized, too. Almost cleaner and more awake.

Don’t Skip the Deodorant

Running late makes us forgo a lot of things in the morning, but please do not allow your deodorant application to be one of those things. You can skip your lotion procedure or shaving, but please put on some deodorant.

Think Simple

Do not over think things when you are running late. Go ahead and be simple and effective by making sure the bare minimum is met and that you’re able to get out of the house on time. Now is not the time to worry about the dishes or the laundry, you know?

Get Some Dry Shampoo

What happens if you have short hair and no way to pull off a sleek bun? Dry shampoo is about to become your best friend. You need this so that you can put your hair into some sort of style without it looking greasy and disgusting, and you’ll thank us for it later.

Forget Food for Now

You do not have time to eat at home with only a few minutes to spare. Unless you can grab a piece of fruit or something on the way out without even slowing down, today is the day to forget your healthy eating or saving and grab something later.

Start Prep the Night Before

You never know when you’re going to be late, so why not prep in advance? You don’t know what could happen and when so let’s make sure that if it does happen, we are ready. Make it a habit to prepare for your day as much as possible the night before so that you’re not insanely crazy in the mornings.

Have the Car Loaded

If you have time the night before to load your car and get things prepped, do it. This should be a big time habit in the first place since you probably have time the night before to do these things. Put your stuff in the car so that you can just go in the morning.

Use Your Current Bag

The last thing you have time for when you are late is changing bags. As someone who changes handbags almost daily to match with my ensembles, I can tell you that you are going to miss something super important if you try to change bags when you haven’t the time. Use what you have already.

Have a Go-To Outfit

Do you have a go-to outfit that’s always a favorite and works well for your particularly routine each morning? If you do, use it. This is a good time to rely on that so that you’re not late and you’re not standing in the closet trying to find something to wear for whatever it is you are doing today.

Put on Mascara

This is going to wake up your eyes and make you look at least a little put together, so don’t forget to put it on. Never underestimate the power of some really great mascara in life.

Go with Lip Gloss

Another great way to perk up your face and leave you feeling a bit more put together is with lip gloss. Toss some on even if you’re not wearing any other makeup and you’re going to feel a lot more prepared to take on the day.

Try to Relax

You need to relax, even if you don’t have time. Getting yourself worked up and crazed is not going to help the situation in the least, and it is not going to make you feel any better about where you are this morning.

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