A Few Organization Tips That Work

Organization is my drug of choice. I am the most organized, most efficient, most anal person alive, but I’m never late (even with two kids, 4 and 1), I’m never unprepared, and I’m always on my game. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he sure doesn’t complain when he takes the girls to the park or to the grocery store by himself and finds that he has nothing to do but put them in the car, considering the diaper bag, snack bag, and all extras are already packed and stored where they need to be. I have some secrets of organization, and I’m willing to share them with you to help you make your life as simple and organized as possible.

Keep Nothing

I don’t keep “stuff”. I keep absolutely nothing, so there is no pile of boxes in our attic full of old toys or clothes. I donate or give away everything we no longer use, and anything broken or unfixable goes straight to the trash can. I do, however, keep things like my kids’ artwork. I put it in a small box with their own individual names on it and organize that box a few times a year to keep it in order. It’s hard not to be organized when you don’t keep stuff you don’t need.

Everything Has a Place

As soon as we buy something new, it has a home. Nothing in my house is without a space, and nothing is ever out of its space unless my kids are playing with it.

Everything Is In Order

All of our drawers and closets are in precise order. I like to arrange the girls’ closets and drawers by season and size, meaning that when I need to pick out an outfit for my daughters to wear to the park on a hot summer day, I have only to reach into her drawer and pull out a summer play outfit. When seasons change, that season’s apparel moves to the front of each closet. All long sleeve shirts are hung together, all pants are hung together, all dresses are hung together. Additionally, all clothes are arranged by color, so that I don’t have to rummage around for a black dress, instead, I can pick one out of the black section in a second.



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