Three Pieces of Advice To Live Your Dream

Everyone has a dream. We all channel our inner MLK Jr. and tell ourselves that we will live our dream, but many people are terrified to make their own dreams come true. Some women want to have kids and stay home with them, but don’t think they can make it happen. Others want to start their own business but are scared to do it. Some want to work for a high powered company but are afraid to leave their cushy job to pursue your dreams. Well guess what? If you don’t try, it will never happen. Here are a few things you must do if you want to live your dreams.

Stop Fearing Your Dreams

Don’t fear your dreams. If you want it, embrace it and go for it. I spent years wishing I could pursue my dream of writing but terrified to leave my good job to do it. Then I decided to stay home with my kids and realized that I had nothing to lose by trying my hand at writing, and lo and behold, I’m now writing for companies and people that would make even the most famous writers envious.

Stop Fearing Failure

Listen, failure is not a bad thing. I’ll give you an example. When I first started writing I couldn’t get anyone to hire me because I wasn’t experienced enough. I felt like such a failure, but I kept trying. Now I write for this site, for and for many private clients. I’ve published a book and I’m living my dream. My failures made me a better writer. They taught me what I was doing wrong and gave me the chance to do it right. Failure is not a bad thing; it’s a learning tool. Without failure we never know what not to do.

Act On It

You will never fulfill your dreams if you don’t act on them. Stop talking about them and start doing them. You won’t get further toward fulfilling your dreams if you don’t start asking questions and trying. The worst you will hear is “no”, but it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t ask or try, you’ll never succeed.


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