Why Lists Should be Part of Your Day

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Let’s face it: most of us lead lives that are active and busy, and it can get a little tricky when there’s so much happening on the daily. A great way that many people have been able juggle their already busy schedule is by making lists. Lists are a great and common way many people organize their day, that way you can check it off once you’ve done something.  If you aren’t already making lists in your everyday life, you may want to look into it – you’ll thank us later!

Here are five reasons why lists should be included in your day:

– It helps to plan things out. By organizing your thoughts while writing your to do list, you are able to see the bigger picture. Some of the things that you write a list for may not be an overnight success, but in planning it out, it’ll seem a lot more attainable.

– It can help relieve stress. Think about it: you tend to write lists down when you are feeling pressured for time or don’t want to forget something. To prevent anxiety, write down your thoughts and things you need to do and put those worries to rest!

– It will help you to achieve your short term goals. To do lists, especially when it comes to shopping, is a helpful tool – just ask anyone who has gone to the grocery store! We often go grocery shopping with a mental note of what we need in the kitchen, but what if you get mentally sidetracked? Chances are you’re bound to forget something without it in writing.

– Putting things in writing your long term goals more attainable. For a long term goal, it may be so much in the future that you shrug it off and are a bit skeptical you can achieve it. But if you write it down on a list, you can definitely see what it is you need to do and just do it!

–  A simple list can help improve your relationship. Remember the 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You when Julia Stiles’ character writes the list of the same title to let the late Heath Ledger’s character know how she felt about him? Imagine if you found a list from your husband/wife or significant other that read “10 Things I Love About You”?! (Swoon!)

– It can help you in being more successful. All those goals you have? By putting them into writing, they’re bound to come into fruition and executed once you lay it all out there!

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