Five Activities It’s Crucial to Add Reminders For

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Some of us thrive on writing to-do lists and giving ourselves reminders on our phones, while others can keep all of their scheduled activities memorized in their heads without needing a reminder. To those of the latter category, I commend you, as I am not one of those people. As much as I pride myself on having an impressive memory (really, I do), I also used to find myself double booking or completely forgetting numerous appointments and activities I had made previously. As great a memory people have, we all slip up and forget an appointment or two at one point or another. After that, many of us learn our lesson and create a memo on our iPhones and Blackberries or go the old fashioned route of purchasing a planner and writing every single appointment and detail of our daily lives in it. There are so many details in our lives that we need to keep straight that there is no way we can remember every single one of them!

Here are five activities it’s crucial to add reminders for:

1. Medical appointments. From the doctor to the dentist to the optometrist, it’s important to keep these doctor visits and to be on time, as they all have something to do with your health. If you can’t make the appointment, many of them require a 24 hour notice as a courtesy.

2. Job interviews. Whether you are have a job and are looking for a new one or you are in major need for one, it’s always a good idea to be early to your job interview – and even more importantly, remember the date and time!

3. Dates. If you’re looking for love, love isn’t going to be looking for you in a good way if you forget any detail, especially before it starts! No matter how excited you are, always leave a reminder of what time and when as well as where exactly the date is taking place.

4. Pick up times. With school starting up again, pick up times for kids and teens may have changed or the months of school-less summer may not have left your brain yet. You don’t want the kids being the last ones left – or worse, being the only ones left behind!

5. Birthdays. As great a memory you have for your family and friends, life will often get in the way and you just may wake up the next day and realize that you forgot your parent/BFF/child/spouse’s birthday. (Thankfully, there’s also Facebook for that!)

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