Doing Guy Things With Your Guy Will Make Him Love You Even More

Guy things.  You know what they are; golfing, fishing, softball, basketball, all other manners of sports, watching television for hours on end and many other activities that can only be deemed guy things.  These things usually fall in the category of things that you have no interest in doing and feel your life is perfectly content without.  But there are definite benefits to doing them with your guy.

What are those benefits?  For starters, you will make him really happy.  Think about it; how often has he went with you and patiently held your purse while you tried on countless numbers of dresses and outfits?  Think about how often he has watched the latest chick flick with you just to make you happy.  Most men go far in trying to keep their woman happy and often, we don’t appreciate that enough.  Doing things with him that he enjoys gives him a chance to spend time with you in his element.  He is getting to do his guy things and have time with the woman he loves.

Secondly, it has been proven in numerous studies that guys bond with the lady in their life best when they have their companionship during activities.  Some people call it shoulder to shoulder time.  You are both doing the same activity but independently such as occurs when you fish or play golf.  Believe it or not, this is the equivalent of what it means to you when he opens his heart and shares his thoughts with you.  It bonds him to you.

He will love you more for making this sacrifice for him.  He will finish the day spent doing guy things with thoughts of how lucky he is and plans on how he can’t wait to brag to his friends about what a great woman he has.  Doing guy things together has definite benefits for you.

Image Credit: Oregon Live


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