The Story of a Brave Marine Who Covered a Grenade to Save His Friend


Nothing more imaginable could be worse than having to be in the middle of a war. Yet, in dark times and hours, there is a light in the form of honorable, loyal people whose courageous actions show that there is still good in the world. Now Marine Corps veteran, Kyle Carpenter is one such example.

As a 21-year-old lance corporal, Carpenter saved the life of his friend and fellow soldier Lance Corporal Nicholas Eufrazio when he intentionally covered an active grenade. Its blast nearly took both of he soldiers’ lives. Carpenter ended up losing his right eye, suffered a shattered jaw, and about 30 breaks on his right arm. He also lost all of his teeth and has some scarring on his face from all the shrapnel. Eufrazio damaged his frontal lobe of his brain and up until not long ago was not able to speak.

There was an initial investigation by the Armed Forces, but it has proved difficult to really determine what happened that day. There were no witnesses to he blast, Eufrazio lost his ability to talk and Carpenter says he can’t remember anything due to the trauma he sustained. Other troops have vouched they undoubtedly know that Carpenter intentionally fell on the grenade in order to save his friend’s life.

Carpenter’s platoon sergeant Sgt. Michael Kroll spoke out on his brave and heroic actions, saying: “Our feeling has always been that Kyle shielded Nick from that blast.”

His heroic deeds have not gone unnoticed: Carpenter is set to receive the Marines’ third Medal of Honor award since the beginning of the wars in Iraq.

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