Mystery Man Loves Giving High Fives on the Train


What would you do if a random mystery man went up to you on a public transportation vehicle (a bus, train, etc) and suddenly high-fived you? That’s the position many were faced with once a mystery man in Calgary, Canada started high-fiving people while on the train ride. A very friendly fellow on the c-train was caught on video going around the train car, giving people high-fives and then told jokes and subsequently tried to get people to meet one another. So just who is this guy?! No one knows for sure, but he is definitely making his mark – especially to those who commute long distances. Alex Maissan is one of those people who saw the “high-five guy” and at first he wasn’t really taken with him.

“I was listening to music; tired and kinda grumpy. I could hear someone talking so I took a headphone out. People were looking around clueless,” said Maissan. “Then all of a sudden he runs up to the front of the car and announces he’s giving everybody a high-five before 4th Street. And he did it!”

In the video below, the mystery man (who remains nameless) can be seen giving the entire train car a high-five. Some are hesitant but most people are receptive and even quite amused at the ultra-chipper man. He even high-fives a baby! Later on he tries to liven up the mood in the train car by telling jokes and trying to get people to converse with him, making the often-mundane and monotonous commute a more lively and upbeat experience. Some may think it is creepy, but it is definitely entertaining and refreshing.

Photo Source: YouTube 


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