Mother Gets Her Masters Degree, Receives Diploma Same Day As Son and Daughter


It’s pretty phenomenal and inspiring to hear the stories of men and women who finally get to graduate college because of whatever setbacks life gave them previously. But Heather Munsell’s story is even more interesting. The 44-year-old mother picked up her masters degree in public relations at Montana State University-Billings the same day her 20-year-old daughter Kelsey and 22-year-old Joshua were given their undergraduate diplomas.

“Who gets an opportunity like this? For me to be part of it is pretty cool,” Heather said. “I get to be the mom and take the pictures from the gallery like everyone else, and then get my degree.”

She explained that when she became pregnant with Joshua at 22, she was just 13 units shy of an  undergrad degree and it was then that she had to put her college career on hold.

“It was one of those, I’ll go back and get it some day before the kids get their pieces of paper,” she said.

But after her husband Jeff got a job that required moving the family to another city, Heather was never given the opportunity to return to school – that is, until her own children went off to college.

Once she was able to attend classes, she completed her undergraduate degree and embarked on a master’s course.

“I’ll be able to sit there and applaud both of them,” Joshua said. “It’s too exciting for words. My dad will be in the same boat I am, just super excited.”

Photo Source: The Today Show


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