Long-Lost Sisters Meet For the First Time in 37 Years, Thanks to Facebook


Facebook sometimes gets a bad rap for being a time-consuming social media platform, especially when we get sucked in to the copious amounts of quizzes and others’ vacation photos. But it can also be a life-changer – Mary Ann Fusco can attest to that! After 37 years, the Georgia woman was able to meet her long-lost sister, thanks to a successful Facebook search.

It wasn’t until Fusco turned 16 that her adoptive parents first informed her that she had a biological sister, which would lead her on a search for over 30 years. On December 19, 2013, she finally was able to track down her sister, Abbey McMinton, on Facebook. The two sisters met for the first time on March 26 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. You can see the video HERE. 

McMinton admitted that at first she didn’t believe she had a sister, but realized almost immediately that she bore an almost exact resemblance to Fusco, complete with matching color, eyes and height.

Along with a new sister comes a brand new set of extended family members for Fusco. She says that she now has eight new nieces and nephews in her life, thanks to her reunion with her sister. The sisters plan to spend 10 days together – figuring out their family tree is just one of the many things the duo plan of bonding over the next few days. McMinton told the local news that a key focus of their reunion will be catching up on “girly sister stuff.” The two sisters are also now searching for their biological mother.

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