Little Girl Rejects Christmas Gifts and What She Asked For Instead Will Make Your Heart Smile


When you’re a kid, Christmas is usually your favorite holiday in part because of all the wonderful gifts you are given. Most kids would jump at the chance to get toys for the holiday, but this past Christmas, Emmileah Anderson was not of those children. The six-year-old girl from Surrey, UK had other ideas after a curious chat with her mother put things in perspective for the young girl. Instead, despite being on the “good list,” she wrote a humbling letter to Santa asking for her toys to be given a different route.

Her letter read: “Dear Santa Clause, Thank you for putting me on the good list every year. I have decided that this year, I don’t need any presents from you. Instead, I am going to do a walk for charity. Please can you give my toys to the children that don’t have any. Love, Emmileah”

The sweet girl’s mother, Shannoz Noormohamed, explained the origin of the letter, saying, “My cousin is doing a Santa Run for St. Catherine’s Hospice and she asked if me and Emmileah would like to do it. I asked Emmileah and she wanted to know what a charity was so I told her… I said there are charities for children who don’t have very much.”

Shannoz went on to admit that she cried after reading her selfless daughter’s letter the first time, realizing that the young girl walked away putting thought into the conversation. Before the conversation with her mom, little Emmileah had no idea that there were kids that weren’t as fortunate as her.

Emmileah told the Surrey Mirror, “I felt bad that other children didn’t have toys. I didn’t know that before… It’s not because I don’t want any presents. I just don’t really need them.”

Currently, the young humanitarian is fundraising for St. Catherine, even trying to get local police to donate some money to the cause.

Along with the rest of us, her mom is surprised by the goodness of her daughter’s heart.

“The fact it has all been her idea makes it even more amazing. I am a very proud mum at the moment. I’m not sure I would have given up my Christmas presents at that age.”

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