We Could All Learn Some Inspiration from Sam Schmid


After making a miraculous recovery from near fatal brain injuries in 2011, Sam Schmid made international headlines after being injured in a serious car accident in Tucson, Arizona. The then-21-year-old junior was studying at the University of Arizona when after one fateful December night, he found himself in a hospital overcoming some very serious injuries. Referred to as the “Christmas Miracle,” Schmid was in a coma and was just hours away from being pulled from life support when he awoke, holding up his two fingers. During the time in the coma, he suffered an aneurysm as well as a stroke and was brain dead for a while – and he was actually dead at the scene at some point before being revived again.

Since then, Schmid had to undergo rehab, which included working on things most of us take for granted: just the mere act of swallowing was something to be learned, and he had to use a walker in order to walk again. Just last month, Schmid graduated from his neuro rehab at Dignity Health’s Barrow Neurological Institute. He has returned to Tucson, where he is enrolled in college as well as where he plays basketball with his brother John.

The video below gives us a quick refresher (or introduction, to those who aren’t aware) of Sam’s accident and his progression throughout his graduation from rehab. Schmid narrates the beginning of the video, opening with things that people said he’d never be able to do because of the accident. He closes with a very profound quote, saying, “Find the miracle within you.” 

Photo Source: YouTube


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