Homeless Man Gives Away Free Books to Kids to Encourage Reading


It’s a very sad statistic, but all around the world there are homeless people. The first thing that comes to mind when many people hear the word “homeless” is a person who is constantly begging. That’s not always the case though – after all, just look at Philani, better known as The Pavement Bookworm! The 24-year-old, who loves reading, was found by South African director Tebogo Malope, who posted a video interview with the man.

Rather than resorting to begging, Philani has chosen to review and sell the books he has in his possession. The homeless man takes to the streets in Johannesburg with his pile of books. By request, he will give a review of the book, author, and publisher.

“He has read all the books in his collection and is always seeking for more to read,” says Malope. “He then sells some of his books as a way to raise money for himself and some of his homeless friends. I’m appealing to anyone that can contribute somehow into his life. He’s a great role model on the power of reading and can be an amazing ambassador for our young people.”

In the video below, the man known as The Pavement Bookworm takes less than two minutes to gush over John Grisham and Nora Roberts books and to stress the importance of kids reading. Apparently, his favorite author is John Grisham because “he touches on social justice and [he thinks] that’s the one thing lacking in the world.”

Photo Source: YouTube


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