Homeless Man Given $1000 Lottery Ticket: His Reaction Will Bring You to Tears


If you haven’t heard the story about the recent viral video that is making the rounds, prepare to have your heart warmed! A Good Samaritan named  Rahat, a YouTube prankster who calls himself the “Magical Prankster,” pulled a fast one that turned out to be anything but mean.  Setting up an elaborate heartfilled prank , he combined a Candid Camera-meets-charity mission – and the man’s reaction was priceless!

Rahat heard there was a homeless man who frequented his local convenience store and that the homeless gentleman was actually a very nice and respectable guy. One day, he passed by the homeless man and Rahat explained to him that while he didn’t have any cash on him, he had a lottery ticket that he could cash but had no idea on the amount it won. Rahat offered to accompany the man to the store to cash it out, with the man obliging.  The lottery ticket in actuality was not an real winner, but Rahat worked out a deal with the store clerk, guaranteeing the homeless man receive $1000.

When the clerk told the homeless man that he had won a grand, he was in disbelief, repeatedly saying, “You’re kidding me man.” Walking away from the register, the man then proceeded to give what appeared to be half of the ‘winnings’ with Rahat, saying, “I want to share it my friend,” attempting to give him the money. Rahat told the man that it was all his and looking at him, the homeless man began to cry out of disbelief that a stranger would be so kind. Sharing a tearfully tender moment, the two embraced and walked out of the store together.

Image via youtube


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