Good Samaritans Donate $35,000 For Surgery To Save Toddler’s Eyesight


There are a lot of things in this world that can easily get us down, like all of the negative, sad stories we hear on the news, day in and day out. Luckily, there are also those stories that can outshine all of the negative stories and – instead of making us sad about humanity – warms our hearts! One such story involves Danny Watson. Some Good Samaritans (made up of Watson and his company) graciously donated $35,000 to help pay for a New Mexico toddler’s eye surgery.

Pamela Soto, a two-year-old girl from Hobbs, New Mexico, has suffered from an eye condition that caused one of the retinas to completely detach from her eye. Because of that, doctors were expecting her other retina to deteriorate as well. The little girl needed an eye operation – and she needed it badly! After all, she had already undergone one surgery, but it wasn’t effective, so the $35,000 operation seemed to be their last hope for the toddler.

Her mother visited local businesses to ask for donations in an effort to raise money for the pricey surgery. Luckily, the woman knocked on the right door: a door to the company owned by Danny Watson and his partner Jimmy Cooper. Upon hearing the woman’s daughter’s story, the business partners decided to donate to Soto’s cause.

“The girl’s mother didn’t speak English so I had my Spanish-speaking employees translate what she was saying,” Watson explained. “After thinking it over, Jimmy and I decided that it was a really neat opportunity to help someone out. It would have been tragic for this girl to lose her sight at such a young age.”

Watson and Cooper wanted to be anonymous until it was certain that the surgery worked, so they actually made the private donation through a third part. Last month, Pamela had the surgery at a hospital in Michigan and now has full vision in both of her eyes! The toddler is currently recuperating back in her hometown. The two gentlemen finally got to meet Pamela in the flesh last week, visiting the little girl at her home.

“As a thank you, she gave us photos of her doctors and cups from the state of Michigan,” said Watson. “She’s also coming to the office on Friday to meet the staff. We plan on remaining friends for a long time.”

Photo Source: Hobbs News-Sun Facebook



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