Dancing Crossing Guard is Livening Up Sandy Hook Each Day


On social media, residents admit that they take detours just to catch a glimpse of her. Schoolchildren send her flowers. Students ask her to sign their yearbooks. So just who is this Newtown pseudo-celebrity?! None other than the town’s dancing crossing guard, Kathy “Kat” Holick! The 47-year-old grandmother is the traffic lady who is all business when her arms go up while directing traffic for crossing students. But once the last kid’s shoe leaves the road, Holick goes from being serious to having serious dancing feet! Her infectious energy along with her smiles and – of course – dancing are what attract and entertain Newtown residents.

“She takes her responsibility seriously but has fun in the process,” John Bergquist, a longtime Newtown resident, said. “Everyone seems to love her and she has put smiles on many faces. If she was directing traffic in any town across the country she would deserve praise and attention for the unique approach to her job. But someone who stands out for her kindness is especially meaningful in a community that is still healing from a massive trauma.”

Not only is Holick making the streets a better place, she also has taken to the Web to spread her message of joy. In April, she created a Facebook page entitled “Newtown’s Smiling Traffic Agent,” to which she posts photos of puppies, kittens, and inspirational quotes. The page is gaining popularity, with over 1,400 likes for the page so far.

“We’ve had our tragedy but that is not why I’m here,” Holick said. “I’m doing this because this is who I am. I’ve always been a goofball. Nothing any different.”

In the video below, check out the dancing crossing guard as she shakes her groove thing, making those all around her smile. Go ahead, watch the video and show off those pearly whites! We won’t judge you if you decide to bop along!

Photo Source: Newtown’s Smiling Traffic Agent Facebook Page


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