Courageous Woman Jumps to Aid of Wounded Police Officer After Shooting


When we think of a hero, we usually think of someone in a uniform: a superhero, an authority figure. But what if the one doing the saving was the one who isn’t in a uniform? That’s the predicament a police officer found himself in last Friday.

Linda Hunt, a 54-year-old Canadian woman, came to the rescue and aid of policeman Constable Mike Klarenbeek after he was shot in a courthouse. After a shooter came into the Brampton, Ontario courthouse and opened fire, the courageous woman went straight into action. Once the shooter could no longer do any harm, she ran to the officer’s aid, putting pressure on the gunshot wound in his abdominal area and promptly called 911. Lucky for Klarenbeek she did: had she waited any longer, he could have bled out before the ambulance could have arrived.

Since arriving in the hospital, Klarenbeek’s condition stabilized but continues to recover at the hospital. His wife issued a statement saying her husband wanted to thank the nurse that assisted him that day, saying if she hadn’t helped him, he would have had a different outcome. The thing is, Hunt is not a nurse and has no medical degree – in fact, she only had ambulance training… 30 years ago! But that hasn’t stopped her from doing what’s right.

“She was fearless. She just dove in there without hesitation and really seemed to know what she was doing,” Marta McCulligh, Hunt’s paralegal, has said. “I am in awe of her and what she did. She is a hero, no question about it.”

Image via Toronto Sun



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