Amazing Eight-Year-Old Is First in the World To Beat Terminal Rare Form of Cancer


It’s emotional enough when talking about a loved one who has terminal cancer, especially if the one with cancer is a young child – so you can just imagine how emotional it can get when talking about a loved one with terminal cancer who has become the first person in the world to beat it. Andrea Burkill knows the feeling all too well: her 8-year-old daughter Claudia, who was told she would die from a terminal, rare form of cancer, is the first one to beat the disease.

In 2011, the young girl was given only a few hours to live after being diagnosed with Metastatic PineoBlastoma, an inoperable brain tumor. Four separate times her family was told that Claudia only had days (sometimes even hours) to live – they had even started preparing for the sick girl’s funeral! Those days are far behind them, as the young girl has defied all of the odds, making a miraculous recovery. Looks like all of the rigorous treatment she’s endured has paid off: last week, the family received incredible news that she has been given the all-clear – she is no longer classified as terminally ill and she’s cancer free!  Posting their amazing news on the Facebook page Claudia’s Cause on June 7, the post has since been Liked by over 248,000 people.

Claudia first became sick at five years old following a family vacation and was diagnosed with a mere squint. However, when she was taken to a different hospital, doctors spotted the aggressive tumor in her brain already. At one point during her illness, doctors gave her just weeks to live and Andrea and her father David had to anticipate planning her funeral. While she suffered a bit of brain damage, her family is positive the young girl’s health will improve.

“We had lived with a terminal diagnosis with death believed to be imminent for a crazy 694 days,” her mom Andrea explained. “Today is the very first day in a very long time that I can look into the eyes of our four stunning children and ‘know’ that I don’t have to plan the funeral of one of them in the very near future. Today is our first day of freedom, a freedom so far lost and forgotten.”

Photo Source: Mirror UK 


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