This 3-Year-Old Wants Her Hair Cut: The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart!


Emily James is a typical 3-year-old whose favorite princess is Rapunzel. Much like the fairy tale princess, she has long golden brown hair that seems to just keep on growing and growing. Also like her favorite princess, she loves sparkly dresses and all girly things. One thing that sets apart the adorable toddler: she has real-life princess powers of kindness and selflessness, as a recent viral video has shown. With the encouragement of her parents, Emily decided to cut her hair to donate to those in need – particularly children who have lost their hair to cancer. Amazing!

Her parents, Amy and Richard James, are filmmakers who reside in Ontario, Canada with their three children. When Emily’s hair started to become too long and impractical to care for, her mother Amy recalled a time in her high school days when she made the decision to donate her long hair to a charity that used hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Along with her husband Richard, Amy sat down with her young daughter and explained that some kids were sick and because of that, they lose their hair. Her parents also explained that her haircut would have to be very short and proceeded to show her photos of kids with cancer and discussed with her the treatment, hair loss and the need for the wigs. Emily said that she would do it, on one condition: her Rapunzel doll needed to get her hair cut also.

Emily’s uncle, Matthew Collins, co-owns a hair salon and was the one to cut his darling niece’s hair. Emily adorably narrates the now-viral video while her uncle cuts and styles her and her doll’s hair into flattering bobs.

“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair,” Emily says in the video. “What I want to do is give them my hair.”

Mom Amy is “blown away” about the response and the many, many views on her video in the week  she put it up.

“We hope to instill an attitude of giving to all of our kids,” Amy has said. “We want them to realize that everything we have is a blessing from God and it’s really important to give to others when we can.”

The six inches of hair that Emily donated was sent to the Canadian Cancer Society and will be used to create a free wig for a pediatric cancer patient. Amy said one of the reasons they chose that organization in particular is because Emily will be receiving a thank-you note from the patient who receives her donated hair.

“What we are most proud of as her parents is that Emily has accepted an opportunity to give what she had a lot of to others who could use it more. Emily brings so much joy into our lives. She is spunky, rambunctious and keeps us laughing. We love that others are finding joy in her little spirit.”

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