Leo and Leo Rising Forecast 11/19/23-11/26/23

This week’s cosmic stage is set, and you’re the star of the show.

Hello, radiant Leo and Leo risings! This week’s cosmic stage is set, and you’re the star of the show.

Sunday’s Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus might feel like a cosmic drama in your relationships and career. Imagine it as a thrilling scene where unexpected plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay regal, Leo, and handle those cosmic curveballs with your signature grace and flair.

Monday and Tuesday bring a cosmic collaboration between the Sun in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s like a powerhouse alliance in your fourth and sixth houses, emphasizing home and work. Dive into your domestic duties with enthusiasm, Leo. Your charisma can turn even the most mundane tasks into a royal affair. Sprinkle a bit of glamour on those chores – you’re the monarch of your own castle!

As the Sun waltzes into Sagittarius on Wednesday, the cosmic spotlight shifts to your fifth house of creativity and joy. It’s like the universe handing you a paintbrush and saying, “Create some cosmic art!” Embrace your passions, indulge in activities that bring you joy, and let your playful spirit reign. Life is your canvas, and you’re the artist painting with the colors of your heart.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square might bring a bit of seriousness to your creative endeavors. It’s a cosmic reality check, Leo. Ensure your artistic dreams align with your long-term goals. The galaxy is your canvas, but it’s essential to have a vision for the masterpiece you want to create.

Love Advice

Love is in the cosmic air, Leo! Sunday’s Moon square Uranus might add a dash of unpredictability to your relationships. It’s like a cosmic romance novel – expect unexpected twists and turns. Embrace the spontaneity, Leo. Love is an adventure.

As the Sun cozies up to Pluto on Monday, your love life gets a cosmic infusion of intensity. It’s like a romantic thriller – dive into those deep conversations with your partner. Share your desires, unveil your secrets, and let the passion flow. If love were a blockbuster, this would be the heart-pounding climax!

Tuesday’s Mars-Pluto sextile adds an extra dose of passion to your relationships. Channel that energy into shared activities and goals. It’s a cosmic teamwork exercise – conquer challenges together, and watch your connection grow stronger.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square signals brings a more sober mood in love. Are you sure you and your special person want the same things? It might be time for a cosmic heart-to-heart – just to ensure you’re both on the same page. Love may be an adventure, but if your plans contradict each other’s there could be pain down the road.

Career Advice

Leo, your career path is shining like a cosmic spotlight! Monday and Tuesday’s Sun-Pluto combo is like a celestial stage where your talents will demand attention. Dive into your work with passion – your creative prowess is your secret weapon. Turn your professional endeavors into a royal performance, and let your brilliance dazzle the cosmic audience.

Wednesday’s Sun in Sagittarius brings a touch of adventure to your creative pursuits. Think of it as a cosmic carnival – explore new projects, take calculated risks, and infuse your work with a sense of joy. Your ability to radiate positivity and enthusiasm makes you a cosmic magnet for success.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square might bring a few professional hurdles your way. It’s a doozy of an obstacle course, Leo, but with your lionhearted spirit, you’ll navigate through. Stay focused, and remember that even kings and queens face challenges on their journey to the throne.

With Mars joining the Sagittarius party on Friday, your professional drive gets an extra boost. Seize the opportunities that come your way, and remember, Leo, the universe rewards those who embrace change with an open heart and a regal roar!

Wellness Advice

Leo, your cosmic well-being forecast is a blend of regal self-care and playful adventures. Sunday’s Moon square Uranus might bring some unexpected feelings. Ground yourself with activities fit for royalty – perhaps a luxurious bubble bath or a cozy evening surrounded by things that bring you joy.

As the Sun glides into Sagittarius on Wednesday, inject some adventure into your well-being routine. Try a new workout, explore a different cuisine, or take a spontaneous day trip. Your well-being thrives on variety and balance.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square signals a shakeup in your well-being goals. Are they realistic and sustainable? It’s great to have lofty aspirations, but make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Balance is the cosmic key to a healthy and happy you. Remember, Leo, self-love is the best wellness practice.

So, Leo, dance through the cosmic spotlight, embrace the unexpected cues, and conquer the week with your majestic presence and a sprinkle of stardust. All the world is your stage – now knock ’em dead.


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