Cancer and Cancer Rising Forecast 11/19/23-11/26/23

This week’s cosmic menu offers a variety of flavors, so let’s dive in.

Hey there, magical Cancer and Cancer risings! This week’s cosmic menu offers a variety of flavors, so let’s dive in.

Sunday’s Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus might feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Picture it as a cosmic tea party with unexpected guests – keep an open heart, and you might find some delightful surprises. Embrace the ebb and flow of feelings like a cosmic tide; after all, you’re the moonchild of the zodiac.

Monday and Tuesday bring a cosmic collaboration between the Sun in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s like a celestial partnership dance in your creativity and relationships sectors. Channel that intensity into your artistic endeavors, Cancer. Your imaginative spirit is ready to paint a masterpiece, and maybe even a few heart emojis on the canvas of your connections.

As the Sun saunters into Sagittarius on Wednesday, your focus shifts to the sixth house of routines and health. It’s like a cosmic spa day for your daily life – embrace new habits and sprinkle a dash of adventure into your routine. Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator, or add a tropical twist to your lunch. The universe is your wellness playground!

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square might bring a reality check to your health and routine aspirations. It’s like a cosmic pedometer reminding you to take it one step at a time. Find the balance between your wellness goals and the practical steps needed to achieve them. Slow and steady wins the cosmic race, Cancer.

Love Advice

Love is all around you, sweet Cancer! Sunday’s Moon square Uranus might add a touch of unpredictability to your emotional landscape. It’s like a cosmic rom-com – expect the unexpected and find the humor in love’s plot twists. Laughter is the best cosmic medicine.

As the Sun cozies up to Pluto on Monday, your love life gets a dose of intensity. It’s like a romantic drama unfolding – dive into those deep conversations with your partner. Share your desires, unveil your secrets, and let the emotional fireworks light up your connection. If love were a movie, this would be the gripping plot twist!

Tuesday’s Mars-Pluto sextile adds an extra spark to your relationships. Channel that energy into shared activities and goals. It’s like a cosmic teamwork exercise – tackle challenges together, and watch your bond grow stronger.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square signals a reality check in love. Do you and your partner have the same relationship goals? It’s like a cosmic heart-to-heart – ensure you’re both on the same page. Love may be an adventure, but having a shared map makes the journey smoother.

Career Advice

Cancer, your career path is ready for a cosmic makeover! Monday and Tuesday’s Sun-Pluto combo is like a celestial spotlight on your creativity and relationships. Dive into your projects with passion – your emotional intelligence is your secret weapon. Turn your workplace into a cosmic stage, and let your talents shine.

Wednesday’s Sun in Sagittarius brings a touch of adventure to your work routine. It’s like a cosmic treasure hunt – explore new projects, take calculated risks, and infuse your daily tasks with a sense of curiosity. Your ability to adapt and nurture creativity makes you a cosmic asset in any team.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square might bring a few professional hurdles. It’s a cosmic obstacle course, Cancer, but with your nurturing spirit, you’ll navigate through. Stay focused, and don’t forget to sprinkle a bit of self-compassion along the way. You’re doing better than you think!

With Mars joining the Sagittarius party on Friday, your professional drive gets an extra bump. Seize the opportunities that come your way, and remember, Cancer, the universe rewards those who embrace change with an open heart.

Wellness Advice

Cancer, your cosmic well-being forecast is a blend of emotional care and adventurous routines. Sunday’s Moon square Uranus might bring some unexpected feelings. Ground yourself with calming activities – a cozy evening in, a warm bath, or a heart-to-heart with a friend can do wonders for your emotional equilibrium.

As the Sun glides into Sagittarius on Wednesday, infuse some adventure into your well-being routine. Try a new workout, experiment with a different cuisine, or take a spontaneous day trip. Your well-being thrives on variety, so embrace the cosmic buffet of self-care options.

Thursday’s Sun-Saturn square signals a reality check in well-being goals. Are they realistic and sustainable? It’s ok for your head to be in the clouds sometimes, but make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Balance is the cosmic key to a healthy and happy you. Remember, Cancer, self-love is the best wellness practice.

So, Cancer, dance through the cosmic waves, embrace the unexpected currents, and conquer the week with your nurturing spirit and a sprinkle of moonlight magic. The cosmos is your sanctuary!



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