Five Important Tips You Should Know about Home Organization

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We’re not going to lie: we just love watching those home makeover shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition and practically everything on HGTV! The only thing that gets us about watching these entertaining and informative shows is that we get so jealous and envious of these peoples’ new (looking) homes. How can we get ours to look like that?! Luckily, in the age of lists and tutorials online, we can slowly but surely get our homes looking better… and it all starts with some good old organization!

Here are five important tips you should know about organizing your home:

– If trash ends up accumulating in a specific room (say, the living room or bedroom), add a wastebasket to help cut down on clutter. While wastebaskets are not a pretty sight and can smell, you can counter this by choosing a nicely decorated can or one that fits with the room’s decor. If food or equally smelly things are going to be thrown there, get a can with a lid and maybe even some deodorizing bags to go in them.

– While in the kitchen, make the most out of your cabinet space by being crafty in rearranging your dishes. For instance, glasses with stems can probably be best stored with every other glass placed face down to maximize space. To start, pull all the dishes out of the cabinet and see what you have to work with. The ones that you use most frequently, place on the bottom, with the least used dishes on the highest shelf.

– If your towel rack isn’t big enough to hold all of the bathroom’s users’ towels, add more hooks to the bathroom. It’s a fairly easy and inexpensive project, and it will have your towels drying nicely on a hook rather sitting damp on the floor.

– Use the SPACE method: Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize and Equalize. To start, identify similar items and group them accordingly. Purge any sock that has no partner. Assign by getting together your things and containerize using labeled baskets or boxes for every member of your family. Store in an appropriate place (closet, attic, garage, etc). Equalize the space daily by tidying it up routinely.

– When it comes to the bedroom, opt to utilize the space under your bed – after all, who else looks under there except for monsters?! You can store bulky items under there and use a bedskirt to keep it hidden.

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