Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa

The bathroom is a place you spend a lot of time. You get ready there, you shower there, and you hide there with the door locked so you can scream into a pillow when your kids are being absolutely crazy and you need five minutes of peace (is that just me?). Since you spend so much time in the bathroom and it is such an intimate space, your bathroom should be as relaxing as possible. In fact, you should just convert it into a spa complete with a handsome Swedish masseuse and a champagne bar. If that’s not an option, you can still create a spa-like environment in your bathroom that’s a little more appropriate for the décor of your home.

Bye-bye Doors

Okay, so it may seem a little messy and not very sanitary, but removing doors from your shower will open up your bathroom space and create a more spa-like appearance.

Color Palette

Pale blues, greens and light earth tones are the most relaxing colors around. Get some paint and make a change. Those who are looking to completely renovate their bathroom can exchange their tiles for colors in these hues and buy some new towels and candles from a bathroom shop Twickenham that match.


Nothing is as relaxing and ambient as candles. Add some tall tapers to your bathroom. Choose white or soft colors that go with your color scheme. Scented candles are fine as long as you choose relaxing scents such as lavender and vanilla.

Sea-ing Stars

There’s nothing as relaxing as a quiet place on the beach where you can smell the salty air, hear the waves and feel the cool sand beneath your toes. Since you probably don’t want to import a few gallons of sand into your bathroom, try some sea shells instead. Decorating with shells and starfish creates an ocean vibe that is relaxing. Play a CD with sea sounds to make it more life-like.


All right, it’s time to splurge. No more $20 towels from your local warehouse department store. Rule number one for towels is that if you can purchase groceries in the same store, don’t buy them. Your skin is better than that. Instead, head to your favorite department store to the linen section and splurge on a couple of really great, really plush towels that will make you feel like a goddess. If your budget isn’t big, start with one and work your way to a set of four or more.


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