Redecorating Your Space for Less Money

Decorating a new home is one of the most exciting and fun things you get to do in your life. A new house is like a blank canvas that is begging you to make it sophisticated, elegant and fun. Unfortunately, your tastes will change and it won’t be long before you decide you hate what you’ve done with the place (think decorating your house at the same time you were getting dressed for your prom in the 1980s…would you want your house decorated today in the style you chose when you still thought big hair and shoulder pads were awesome?).

When my husband and I built our house seven years ago, I was certain I had the best style around. Since then we have repainted six times, replaced the furniture in the master bedroom three times, the living room three times and the dining room twice (apparently my taste in dining tables is far superior than my taste in other areas of the house). But now I’m certain we won’t change the dining table for a long time because we invested in one of the highest quality Marri dining tables. We have added shelves, removed shelves, replaced our carpet with hardwood in every room but our daughter’s rooms and replaced the carpet in their rooms with other carpet. A lot has changed. When you find yourself tired of your current décor, there are a few ways you can redecorate with a little effort and without breaking the bank.


If your house has no crown molding, add some. It’s relatively inexpensive at your local home decorating store. If you don’t have the funds to do the entire house, just start with the main areas. It draws the eye upward and creates a cleaner, more elegant look for the entire house.


Your lamps may be gorgeous and you love them, but adding a new shade in a rich hue or a bright color will transform your entire room. There, you’ve just redecorated your entire living room for less than $100. That’s the effect a new lampshade or two can have on a room.


Your space will look completely different, much more elegant and much more contemporary if you bring in one modern piece. A bright red armless chair, a stainless steel table or chandelier can change the look of a room without changing anything.

Update Artwork

Just because you don’t own a Monet doesn’t mean you can’t have art. In fact, print a few abstract photos from the internet, buy some nice frames and hang them over your French doors or frame your front door with them to make your living space look modern and sophisticated.


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