Create a Backyard Oasis for the Summer

Summer months and gorgeous weather mean one thing: Everyone’s goal is to spend more time outside. How could you not want to spend time outside grilling delicious meals, letting the kids play in the yard and lounging by the pool? The answer to that question is simple. If your backyard is not a summer oasis you may not want to spend time outdoors. Fortunately for those who suffer from subpar backyard-itis (let’s look for that word in Webster’s Dictionary next year) there are a few things you can do to spruce up your backyard. It will be a summer escape in no time.


Arbors may seem a little more suited for a wedding than the everyday backyard, but they’re not. An arbor can separate a space, creating an entryway of sorts into a private garden, a tranquil oasis for reading or gathering. Add climbing jasmine or other climbing flowers to the arbor to create a lovely sight for everyone’s sore eyes.


Maybe your thumb isn’t the greenest, but a little garden makes for a lovely sight. Even if you can’t keep food alive – or get it to grow at all – you can plant a little garden of sunflowers. They are relatively easy to maintain and don’t die as easily as other plants. Just remember to water them occasionally (summer rain storms will help with your brown thumb).

Inviting Furniture

If you have a backyard you want to place furniture in it. Forget the cheap, plastic stuff from the local grocery store. Invest in really nice pieces that will last years to come. A nice bar with stools and an umbrella or a wicker set with side tables and cushions you can wash easily are a great way to add comfort and peace to any backyard.


If your backyard is full of dirt and sand it’s probably not very inviting (unless you live on the beach, in which case grass is not necessary). Your kids have nowhere to play, your yard looks dark and dirty and you are always cleaning the floors when people walk in and out. Put some grass down. Sod may not be in everyone’s budget, but if you plan on splurging on anything this year, make it grass. The cost varies from place to place, but most people who live on the average quarter acre can lay sod in the backyard for less than $500, provided they lay it themselves.


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