Easy Ways to Generate More Time

Even if Father Time gave you an additional five hours to get things done each day, you’d still have no time to do everything. The problem is that most people think that every minute of every day should be scheduled, and they end up taking on more than they can handle. There are those who do not sympathize, “If you need more time, wake up earlier or stop watching so much brainless television at night.” However, giving up the things that make you happy (shout out to the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their inability to get along for more than 3 consecutive seconds) may get results, but it will have a negative effect on your mood and your level of happiness. If you are one of those people, and dropping activities and freeing up the calendar simply is not an option, here are a few ways you can create a few extra minutes of time every day without giving up thing things you love.

Two Minute Rule

When someone drops by your office or your home or calls unexpectedly and you have no idea why after you’ve been talking to them for two minutes, ask. This will help get to the point or give you an excuse to send them packing so you aren’t wasting so much of your day.

Turn Off your E-mail

Unless you are waiting on something incredibly important, turn off your e-mail alerts and make an effort to check your inbox once every hour. When you stop what you are doing to check your inbox when it beeps you are losing focus on what you’re doing and you are losing time. Your mom does not need to know whether you think her dining room would look better painted buttercream or almost-but-not-quite-buttercream right this second.

No Loitering

A chair and a bowl of candy on your desk does nothing but scream, “Come on in and interrupt my entire day visitors!” Make your office a little less people friendly by removing the chair and hiding that candy dish in your drawer. Not only will you save money replenishing your stash, you’ll get rid of loiterers as well.

Record Everything

All right, so you wait with baited breath every week to see those gorgeous blue eyes of Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries and when 8 pm rolls around on Thursday nights you are glued to the television. Now don’t get mad at me – I’m only the messenger. Instead of watching the show live, spend 20 or 30 minutes catching up on all the things you don’t have time for and watch the show on your DVR. Watching it recorded will actually save you approximately 20 minutes because you can fast-forward right through commercials.


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