Tips for Avoiding the Flu While Pregnant

Being pregnant is enough of a health issue on a good day without having to worry about coming down with the flu this time of year. You have to eat right, get plenty of exercise, rest, sleep and rely pretty much on Tylenol to get you through any illness you develop for nine months. If you come down with the flu while pregnant, you are doomed. Here are three easy ways to prevent the flu this season.

Get the Flu Shot

Many women are afraid to get a flu shot in general and especially during pregnancy, but it’s recommended by medical professionals (and I don’t know about you, but as a non-medical professional I tend to take the advice of mass numbers of medical professionals over a blog or journalistic article). I’ve received the flu shot during all of my pregnancies, didn’t get the flu and never had any issues, in case you’re curious. The flu shot is your best defense this flu season.

Wash Your Hands

You already know to wash your hands frequently, but it’s especially important during flu season. The flu is often mistaken as an airborne virus, but this is not the case. You cannot catch the flu by breathing the same air as someone who has it and just coughed. You have to touch something they touched with the virus on their hands. This is why you need to wash anytime you want to eat, drink or even think about making contact with your face with your hands.

Avoid Crowds and Sick People

Easier said than done during the holiday seasons, right? It’s not easy to avoid either during the holidays, but if you can – do it. If you know someone’s been sick, don’t spend time with them until they’ve had plenty of time to get better and rid their clothes and home of germs. It’s something you’ll be glad you did.



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