How Taking a Cold Shower is Good for You

cold shower

Nothing is as shocking as stepping into what you think is a nice hot shower only to realize that the water is ice cold. It happens. Maybe you thought you turned the handle far enough to make the water hot, but you misjudged. Or maybe someone else showered just before you and used all the hot water, not leaving time for it to warm up again before your shower. Cold showers are not fun. However, they’re actually pretty good for your body and your health.

Improve Blood Circulation

When you take a cold shower, or just let the cold water hit your body for a few minutes before exiting the shower, you are improving your blood circulation. This will help your skin appear healthier, make you feel more energized, and wake you up.

Eliminate Toxins

Your muscles will have an immediate reaction to a sudden burst of cold water. What they will do is immediately tighten, mostly due to the shock of the cold water and as a way of attempting to keep your body warm in such frigid conditions. While this might shock you, it’s actually really good for your body. When your muscles contract like this, it helps to rid your body of toxins that slow you down, cause you to feel sluggish and make your skin look less than perfect.

Provide Energy

It’s safe to say you probably feel a bit more like a zombie than an awesome person ready to face the day with vigor when your alarm goes off each morning. That’s common. We all feel that way in the morning. Taking a cold shower is going to wake you up very quickly, however, and provide you with the energy you need to help you conquer the day with gusto. A side benefit – rinsing the conditioner from your hair with cold water will help it look shinier and healthier.

(Photo Illustration by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)


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