Postpartum Mother Shows What The Body Really Looks like After Having a Child

Postpartum Body

“I am a mother. I am tired, broken and sore. I have lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits.” Lately there’s been a new movement among mothers who have had no problems showing the world that for many of them (who don’t have millions to spend on nannies, trainers and nutritionists) having a washboard stomach 2 weeks after pregnancy is simply not how it goes.   In the past six months, the number of pics and stories going viral of moms bearing their stretch marks has been tremendous.

Blogger Julie Bhosale is one of these moms.  In her #takebackpostpartum body blog, she has charted her after-birth figure in a series of raw and honest photos – her “real body after two children”. She takes us through her body journey beginning at 24 hours after birth all the way up to 14 weeks.   As you’ll see in the collage below, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.


After fighting to conceive her son, and then carrying him through a pregnancy that felt like it was literally breaking her with every step, the Kiwi nutritionist is proudly joining the ranks of mothers showing the “often hidden and unspoken realities of childbirth and the effect on your bodies”.

“Regardless of how you birthed your child (a.k.a watermelon), you can still look and feel like you have a watermelon (or two) inside you. It is often sort of lumpy and squishy too.”

The truth is, despite the undeniable rush of joy and love that comes with holding new life in your arms, the early days of motherhood are, for the most part, physically uncomfortable to say the least.

We’re just glad more moms are being honest and even proud of this fact.  Way to go Julie!


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