Help For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

Sleep during pregnancy is very different than sleep when you are not pregnant, as any woman with children can attest to.  There are many reasons that you may not be sleeping well.  Nausea, frequent urination, insomnia and aches and pains are just a few of the reasons that sleep during pregnancy does not come easily.  And while you can only do so much to alleviate those symptoms, there are things that you can do to help your sleep during pregnancy to come easier and be of a better quality.  After all, you need your rest.

Cut back on you caffeine consumption.  Caffiene will make you stay awake because it is a stimulant.  Cut back on having caffeinated beverages after lunch or refrain from them at all.

Take a nap but time it carefully.  A nap can be very beneficial when you are pregnant and help you to catch up on rest that you are missing at night.  But it is very important to make sure that your nap does not occur close to your bedtime.  Aim for an after lunch siesta but no later than that.

Buy a pregnancy pillow to help you have better rest.  Many women have had great success improving their nightly rest by using one of these.

Have a snack if hunger is keeping you awake.  Your body needs extra nutrition while you are pregnant.   You may find that something like a light snack such as graham crackers and milk very soothing to help you get to sleep.

Put your worries to rest.  Don’t stay up all night using google to research all the possible complications you will more than likely never develop.  Purchase a couple good quality pregnancy books and turn to your doctor with any remaining questions you have.  Remind yourself that your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby are very great.

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