Healthy Ways to Lose that Baby Weight

Baby Weight

Baby weight is cute when it’s all in your belly, proudly displayed as your soon-to-be baby. However, as a new mom it’s not so cute anymore. While losing your baby weight shouldn’t be your first priority after giving birth, it is important that you do maintain a healthy lifestyle or else you’re going to affect your parenting abilities. Holding onto the weight for too long can cause you to suffer from sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and other things associated with being overweight. Here are a few safe and healthy ways to get the baby weight off for good.


Nursing your baby can burn as many as 500 calories each day, which is great for your weight loss.  Additionally, it’s good for your mood, your baby’s development and your wallet. Pumping is another great way to help you lose the baby weight, as it has almost the same effect as nursing.

Eat Right

Don’t let yourself be tricked into eating poorly during pregnancy and again after you have your baby. If you can maintain a healthy weight while you’re pregnant, most of it will come off during delivery and the week or two following delivery, leaving you with only a few pounds to lose and some muscles to tighten. It’s imperative that you follow your doctor’s instructions for a healthy diet both before and after the baby is born.


While you can’t hit the gym immediately after giving birth, you can do some exercise. You need to be careful since you are healing from delivery, but walking is a great start. It gives you energy, increases your mood, and helps you get your waistline back in shape.

Remember that vanity might be a motivating factor for you, but your health and the health of your baby are the most important reasons to get rid of excess weight after birth. You don’t want to suffer from the number of difficult health issues that come with being overweight or possibly obese.

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