The Health Benefits of Walking Regularly


When people tell you they don’t exercise often because they walk regularly, you might be quick to judge. However, walking is a great form of exercise. Just because a person doesn’t hit the gym hardcore five days a week or take zumba and yoga classes does not make them any less healthy or active than those who do, provided they’re walking. Medical professionals recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week for you to maintain optimal health, and walking is considered one of the best forms of that exercise. Here are three great health benefits of walking.

Increased Metabolism

When you walk regularly, you increase your heart rate and your metabolism. With an increased metabolism you will see that your body becomes fitter and more shapely thanks to the fact that your body is now able to process and burn more calories than it was in the past. An increased metabolism does nothing but benefit your body, which is why walking is so good for you.

Strengthened Immune System

Walking is exercise and exercise is good for your health in so many different ways. One of the biggest benefits of walking as exercise is a strengthened immune system. Walking helps you to build your immunity so that your body is not as susceptible to illness such as the common cold, flu and even worse. All it takes is about 22 minutes a day, or a nice stroll around the neighborhood after dinner, to help you build your immune system.

Increased Energy

Again, walking is exercise and exercise increases your energy. When you have more energy, you see a lot of additional benefit. This additional energy will help you feel less stressed, help you concentrate more and even help you to see an improvement in your self-esteem and your muscle tone.

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