Five Strange Ways You Can Beat Stress

Exercise, say no more often, let go of what doesn’t matter, slow down; they’re all excellent methods for beating stress. However, they’re so common. Everyone does them. Did you know you can beat stress in ways you never even imagined? Well, you can; and it’s almost ridiculous how easy it is to do it. Read on to find out some really strange ways you can lower your stress level.

Drink Orange Juice

No, not filled to the brim with either vodka or champagne (though that is nice on occasion). More orange juice in your diet can actually stop the secretion of that pesky hormone that causes stress. A cup a day can keep the psychiatrist away? Well, we don’t know about that, but we do know you’re less likely to need mental help if you’re less stressed, so there’s always that.

Go to Starbucks with a Group

Caffeine and stress = jitters. Not if you go with a group of your coworkers, according to a new study; you can eliminate stress by taking your coffee break as a group. When anxious people get coffee together, they feel more relaxed instead of even more jittery and wired as they do when they drink coffee alone. File this one under “Field Trip!”

Use Your Hands

We’re not going to lie. People who don’t use their hands when they converse are weird, and people who use them too much are annoying. There’s a fine line between insane hand movement and creepy stillness, and it’s the perfect way beat stress. When you talk with your hands, you relax and become more confident. It lowers stress and anxiety levels – unless you do it too much and then everyone around you feels stressed.


When you feel particularly stressed out, do yourself a favor and just smile. It won’t be easy, but you really can fake it ‘til you make it. Just smile. Do this enough and you can actually lower your stress level. The only problem is that it’s a lot of work at first.

Check Out

Sometimes the only way to lower your stress level is to check out mentally. Sit back and transport yourself back to that beach on Maui enjoying time with your husband before you had kids and all that fun stuff; you’ll be glad you did. You may also take some mushrooms from a shrooms near me magic mushroom dispensary.

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