Don’t Let Adult Acne Getting You Down Any Longer

We think we are through with acne when we exit our teenage years but it has a way of coming back as adult acne to some of us unlucky ladies.  When it does, what are we to do?  Suffer with it?  No, there are definitely things you can do to deal with your adult acne and move on.

When you have adult acne, you more than likely have oily skin.  It is very important to recognize this because knowing your skin type helps you know what type of skin care products to use.  You may have been using the wrong product line all along.  You want to choose products that say they are for oily or combination skin and steer clear of those for dry skin, which will only aggravate your adult acne.

Make sure you are washing your face with a cleanser twice a day.  Leaving your makeup on overnight will definitely cause break outs.  In the morning, your skin has oil on it and it needs to be removed with cleanser.

In addition to using a good quality cleanser, make sure you are using a toner.  Toner is a vital step for those that suffer from adult acne.  A Toner has several purposes.  They remove any trace of makeup left behind by your cleanser.  They tighten your pores and make your skin less prone to adult acne.

You need to spot treat any blemish with an acne treatment gel.  There are many available to purchase.  The ingredient that you want to look for is benzoyl peroxide.  Five percent is a good concentration of benzoyl peroxide to have in your treatment gel.  Dab this on any blemish you have after using your cleanser and toner.

Keep your hands off your face.  Your hands have germs on them and when you touch your face you are transferring them and making a breeding ground for blemishes.

With this careful plan, your adult acne will be gone in no time.


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