Trick Your Mind into Making You Thin

If only you could think about being thin and then actually be thin. You’d save money on your gym membership, healthy diet plan meals and so many other things that you purchase in hopes that Gisele is hiding somewhere beneath your left over baby weight (if only). You can’t think yourself thin, but you can trick your mind into thinking yourself thin. How, you ask? It’s easy; follow these three simple rules to trick your mind and make yourself thin.

Have Half

Make like a mom and cut everything you eat in half. Research shows that your mind registers food cut in half as twice as much as it does when the same piece of food is left in one piece. The next time you want a cookie, cut it in half and eat both halves. Your mind will think you just ate twice as much as you actually did.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Stop dishing dinner into serving bowls and onto serving platters. Leaving dinner on the stove and making your plate in the kitchen will cause your mind to believe that once your food is gone, it’s gone. When the food is in front of you, your mind will allow you to scoop up a second serving. Leaving it out of sight makes your mind forget it’s there, and you’ll eat less.


No, do not supersize your meal; supersize your fork. Using a bigger fork to eat your dinner tricks your mind into believing that you’ve eaten more than you actually did. The reason for this is because your bites are bigger. When your mind sees your food disappearing more quickly from your plate, it starts sending messages to your body that it is full. Do make a mental note, however, that you cannot start eating ice cream with a shovel.


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