Four People Who are Bad for your Diet

You’ve probably heard that you are what you eat, but you are also who you spend time with. That’s right dieters, the people you spend time with are just as bad for your waistline as a supersized meal at your favorite unhealthy fast food joint. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to your favorite decadent desserts and foods; can you imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to your favorite family members? You don’t have to bid adieu to your kids and spouse, but you do have to make sure they don’t interfere with your plans for a healthier, better body. Go ahead and add these people to your list of those who are bad for your diet: your kids, spouse, friends, coworkers and even your grandmother.

The Man in Your Life

The man in your life is a bad influence on your weight loss because he can eat three pounds of oily, greasy chicken wings and a six pack of his favorite beer without gaining an ounce (cue the looks of envy and hatred). Trying to keep up with him is going to add another five pounds a week onto your frame. Don’t let his food choices rub off on you; forgo the wing eating, beer drinking, chip crunching football game days and snack on something a little healthier.


Oh, sweet Gram. She means well, she really does. Unfortunately, her delicious cooking and her unnatural ability to force you to eat a third helping of spaghetti and two helpings of dessert is really, really bad for you. Unless you want to remove Grandma from your life forever, it’s time to learn to stand up for her and tell her no thanks when she tries to shove the contents of her fridge down your throat.

The Kids

The only way to keep them quiet in the grocery store is to make a stop at the bakery and get them each a cookie. A cookie that you sneak bites out of when they are not looking. They’re fussy in the car so you stop to pick up chicken nuggets and French fries in hopes of a few minutes of silence. Then you eat half of their happy meals. Eating off your kid’s plates is the biggest diet no-no around. Take the advice you so frequently issue to your children and keep your hands to yourself, because you are stuck with these little people for at least 18 years, and that’s a lot of extra French fries.


The occasional deviation from your diet on girls’ night out is perfectly fine. However, when you start meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch, dinner and brunch several times a week you are on the fast track to sabotaging your diet. When you eat with friends, make sure to indulge in menu items that you will not regret later; forgo the second fishbowl margarita while you’re at it.


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