Probiotics Are Good For You And Are Helpful While On Antibiotics

Probiotics are a relatively new health resource so many people don’t know a lot about them.  Probiotics are a medicine that you can take that does two things.  It helps to keep your immune system level and replaces all of the stuff that is wiped out of your body when you take antibiotics.

When you take antibiotics, they kill the bad bacteria in your body as well as the good bacteria that your body needs.  Probiotics help to replace the good bacteria that is wiped out.  They also help to prevent and treat the side effects that can develop from taking antibiotics.  Probiotics help with side effects such as diarrhea, thrush and yeast infections that antibiotics can cause.  Antibiotics make your body vulnerable to these side effects and some of them can be quite severe and cause a whole new problem.  But probiotics can help to combat that.

When you are healthy, probiotics help you to stay that way because they keep your body receiving the things that it needs to stay healthy.  Much of our immune system’s are contained in the digestive system and this medication helps to keep it on the right track so that you are not as vulnerable to illness.

There are several different brands of them and they come in different forms.  There are many formulas for adults, most in pill form.  There are also formulas made just for children and their form is usually different, such as packets of powder that can be mixed in with applesauce, pudding or drinks.

Probiotics also help if you get diarrhea when you are not on antibiotics.  They help by restoring the natural balance your body needs to keep your digestive system on track.

Of course, you shouldn’t take this medication or any other new one without discussing it with your doctor first.


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