16 Warning Signs That Show a Person Has Unhealed Trauma


It’s important to know the 16 warning signs that show a person has unhealed trauma. This allows you to know how to speak to people.

They tend to overreact


People who have been subjected to abuse of one type or another over the years have learned to react instead of think at times. Sometimes the smallest trigger can set them off.

Avoiding certain situations


Individuals who are aware of what sets them off will actively avoid these situations. While this is not the worst reaction, it allows them to go without facing the source of their trauma.

They’re usually very hypervigilant


People with unhealed trauma are always on the lookout for, well, anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s something they know will trigger them or not, they’re always on the lookout for the next issue.

Anger issues are a big sign

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Uncontrolled anger that flares up at any given time can be a problem. Unfortunately, people with unhealed trauma don’t always know how to handle it.

Social withdrawal


Crowds are often a big issue with some folks who have unhealed trauma in their past. They don’t know how to deal with people, or they feel that everyone they meet might mean them harm in some way.

These people engage in self-destructive behaviors


The types of trauma that people endure in their youth have a profound effect on how they act and react in public. Self-destructive behaviors are a way to hide or abate the emotional pain they’re feeling since it makes them feel something, anything, other than their own issues.

They have a skewed sense of self


People with these issues often don’t see themselves in a great light. Their self-esteem is quite low and they don’t believe that they’re worthy of the better aspects of life.

Emotional reenactment


It’s just what it sounds like; they find it necessary to go through the motions of the trauma that set them on their current course. For one reason or another, some people can’t break this cycle.

Relationship issues


These individuals have a tough time trusting anyone. That leads to a lot of relationship issues that are hard to work through and end a relationship more often than build one.

Chronic physical symptoms


It is a proven fact that how you feel about yourself and your life can affect your health. Depression can cause a slew of problems that are easy to see.

Such individuals are prone to substance abuse


Sometimes a substance can help numb the emotional pain. Unfortunately, when a person realizes this they will likely keep using that substance and will need more and more as their tolerance grows.

Mood swings are common

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A person can be happy at one moment and then depressed in the next. Mood swings can be violent or they can be calm, but they’re usually unpredictable.

They don’t sleep regularly


These people either sleep too much, not enough or have sleeping patterns that are all over the map. This can cause a lot of different problems since it can affect their mood, their health, and other parts of their lives.

Many such people are emotionally numb


The feeling of being detached, that nothing can get to them and nothing can stir them, is common. Some people are capable of faking their emotions, but inside they feel nothing.

Flashbacks are a big problem


These can come unbidden and produce an extremely trying experience for those affected. Unfortunately, there’s no telling what’s going to cause them.

Their independence is a bit extreme


Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to ask for help when they need it. But they do believe that they have everything under control, even when they don’t.


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