15 Things People Don’t Know About Mental Health


There are at least 15 things people don’t know about mental health. It’s time that more people know the basics at the very least.

Mental illness strikes one in five Americans

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That’s an alarming statistic, isn’t it? That means that out of the people you know, at least a few of them might be suffering from some form of mental illness.

Suicide is a massive issue


No one should need to be told that well over 800k deaths occur each year. Thousands of them occur in the USA alone.

War is a major issue


Those who have engaged in warfare or lived through it have an even bigger chance of developing some type of mental health issue. Major disasters or traumatic events carry this same risk.

Most of those with a mental health issue are non-violent


There is a stigma concerning mental health, but many of those with one issue or another are not violent. They do require a little more help in life at times, but they normally do not seek out violence.

There are a lot of factors that lead to this condition


It can be genetics, physical illness, injury, or some form of trauma. A decline in someone’s mental capacity can be caused by a lot of things.

Too many people don’t seek treatment


Some people don’t know who to go to, and some people are afraid to ask. But the reality is that people with mental issues do need help.

There are several ways to help those with said issues


From medication to therapy, there are many ways to help afflicted individuals. The hard part is getting a person to accept help.

It’s important to address any risk factors


There are times when addressing any issues could prevent a serious amount of trauma. Plus, it helps to assist others later on.

Improving services to help low to medium-income individuals is not as difficult as others might think


Unfortunately, it is an issue that many complicate in ways that are hard to describe, but easy to see. Helping those with said issues is far easier than trying to figure out the healthcare system.

Mental illness costs the US roughly $200 billion per year


This is due to lost earnings and various other costs that come from mental illness. The staggering number of people who suffer through one illness or another is enough to make anyone do a double take.

Sadly, members of the LGTBQ+ community are twice as likely to suffer through such instances


It sounds a little stereotypical, but the statistics don’t lie. In many cases, these individuals are considered higher risk than many others.

Many who seek treatment find that it works


Yeah, that’s right. If a person does manage to seek therapy, medication, or a combination of both, it does end up helping if they stick with it.

You can lead a productive life with mental issues


You might need to be a little more diligent, but it is entirely possible to lead a normal life. The stigma surrounding this type of condition would say otherwise, but many people get by every day without breaking down.


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