20 Things Men Are Afraid To Deal With When They Get Older

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There are 20 things men are afraid to deal with when they get older. A lot of them are things men don’t want to talk about.

Loss of Libido


Men are afraid of losing their sex drive since this makes them feel inadequate. It’s not something they care to talk about since weakness to many men is taboo and not to be talked about.

Losing Your Hair


Some men don’t care, but other men are afraid when they see too much hair hitting the pillow or the shower drain. A man’s self-esteem can take a big hit if they start going bald.

Health Issues


This covers a wide spectrum of problems that men are afraid to talk about. Some are basic health concerns, while others are more serious and might feel kind of embarrassing.

Weight Gain


Unfortunately, this happens as time goes on. It’s possible to stave off weight gain, but many men find that age does make it more difficult to maintain healthy habits that keep them in shape.

Erectile Dysfunction


Many men don’t even want to think about this, let alone talk about it. The lack of sexual satisfaction is something that men are afraid of since it means they might not be seen as masculine any longer.

Social Isolation


This can happen when alone or when living with someone, and it’s horrible since trying to remain connected with others is tough. But trying to connect with people at a certain age gets a lot tougher for some people

Mental Health Challenges


It’s been surmised that older men experience a higher risk of depression and anxiety, which is not something men care to talk about that often. Like it or not, a lot of men these days are still of the mind that talking about their feelings or issues is not a manly trait.

Joint Pain


Remember when you were younger how you could bounce back from just about anything? When you get older, bouncing is a lot less likely, but feeling pain in your joints is a given.

Prostate Health


This is a very sensitive issue for a lot of men. It could be a minor issue that men can take care of, or it could be something that leaves their cheeks burning with embarrassment if the news ever gets out that they’re having problems.

Digestive Problems


Constipation, acid reflux, and other issues are hard to deal with sometimes. It’s less likely that men will talk about them unless they’re entirely comfortable.

Changes in Appearance


This kind of depends on how vain a man is. Some guys will age gracefully and not care if their looks fail them, but others will see it as a personal failure.

Sleep Problems


Sleep can affect a person’s life in a lot of ways. From how you look to how you react around people, sleep is important. Men don’t usually like talking about this in depth but will mention it in passing.

Identity and Purpose


Aging is not easy on anyone, but with men, it feels as though one loses a lot as they get older. It’s possible to find new passions and a renewed purpose as one gets older, but it’s a little more difficult.

Vision Changes


Losing your sight is one of the more horrifying things for many people. It means a shift in the quality of life, and many find they can’t or don’t want to alter their way of thinking.

Loss of Independence


Most people like being able to do things on their own. It’s the ability to take care of yourself that is stripped little by little as one ages. That’s a tough pill for many to swallow.

Changing Family Dynamics


As one gets older they have to watch friends and family pass away, their younger counterparts grow up, and life move on without them in some regards. This is a tough reality to deal with for some men, as it’s often that they aren’t considered as important, even if it’s just in their mind.

Being Alone


Whether their spouse passes away or leaves them at one point, men on their own are not the same as they get older. Some men fall too deeply into their old habits, while some simply can’t function.

Cognitive Decline


Losing one’s mind is a joke to a lot of people, but the horrifying reality is that people do start losing their memory, and their focus, and even forget things that used to be second nature. Such losses are hard to handle, especially for men who pride themselves on their intelligence.

Leaving a Legacy


A lot of people want to know that they’re leaving something behind that will last. Men often want to make their mark in the world, and the worry that this won’t happen leaves some guys lying awake at night.



Many men think highly of themselves, or at least have some sense of self-esteem, that keeps them going each day. As one gets older and awareness hopefully sets in, anything can happen.


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