Stress Relief You Can Use Anytime


Stress relief is always something you should have on hand. Whether you’re fortunate enough not to need to turn to stress relief very often or stress relief is something you find yourself in search of on a daily basis, you need to know a few simple strategies to help you cope. Finding relief is simple for some, which means that any of the following might help. However, it’s not easy for all, which means you might need to try a few relief options before your stress finally subsides.

Eat Dark Chocolate

You now officially have permission to eat dark chocolate when you feel stressed; without the guilt. Dark chocolate is filled with ingredients that help to release feel good hormones into your body, causing you to feel much better than you did prior to eating a piece. Just remember to eat your dark chocolate in moderation or risk feeling even worse than you did before you ate it.

Pet Your Animal

If you don’t have an animal, find one or go volunteer at a shelter or pet clinic. Petting animals is proven to quickly relieve stress and make you feel better. There’s something so helpful about running your hand along the back of a cat or dog’s soft fur and witnessing as they appreciate your affection and love. They’re instant depression lifters. In fact, those who own pets tend to have happier, longer lives than those who aren’t pet owners.

Drink Coffee or Tea

It’s not for the taste or the benefits of drinking either, it’s for the smell. The smell of coffee and tea can awaken something in your nose that helps you to feel instantly better. The next time you feel you need a bit of stress relief, brew a cup of coffee and inhale deeply to rid your body of stress.

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