15 Reasons People Feel Inferior to Others


There are more than 15 reasons people feel inferior to others, and many of them are kind of silly when one thinks about it. But it’s still a very real issue that many suffer through.

Personal image


It doesn’t take a lot to affect the mentality of a person. People feel inferior to others quite often due to their own self-perception and how they believe others see them.



With the advent of fat-shaming and body positivity, it’s tough to know whether people feel inferior to others or if they are really good at hiding their feelings. But this is typically one of the factors that leads to anyone feeling inferior.

Social media


When people are feeling less than others in one way or another, they can stay quiet or put their iniquities on blast. This is why social media is dangerous unfortunately, it allows people with an inferiority complex to say whatever they’d like.

Social mores


Society catches a lot of blame for the problems of others, and social mores that are upheld are one of the main reasons. When someone feels that they don’t measure up, this can cause a great deal of mental stress.

Socioeconomic status


This is a big red flag when it comes to the way people react and behave around others. Where you land on the hierarchy in any country, city, or state is a huge indicator of how people feel about themselves.



It’s as old as time itself. If someone has something you want, there’s a general idea that you’re somehow inferior if you don’t have that same thing, or something better.

Beauty standards

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There’s a lot to say about beauty and how it affects the thinking of people. For a long time, it has been a standard that is upheld and a reason why a lot of people feel inferior to others.

Material goods


You wouldn’t think that having more of something or something better would be that big of a deal, yeah? But it does make sense that some people just can’t stand others having nice things, even if they earned them.

Services provided


It’s called competition in business, and some people don’t get that. If you want to feel superior then be superior, and offer better services. That’s not too hard.

Inferiority complex


For some reason, people can’t help but feel that they aren’t as good as someone else. It’s a pervasive problem that isn’t going away anytime soon.

The grass is greener…


Seeing someone who has something better than you is, in the minds of some, a sign that their life is simply better. Hey, even a millionaire can have a messed-up life that you never see.

Sibling rivalry


It’s believed by many that sibling rivalry is natural, and it kind of is. But thinking that you’re inferior to a sibling isn’t just harmful, it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed.



Some folks can attract their desired partners more easily, and for some, it takes a lot of work. But feelings of inferiority can arise without question.



Any rich vs. the poor debates typically bring up inferiority in a way that’s kind of basic and ridiculous. But the fact is that the rich can feel far more superior in many ways, even if several of them are kind of hollow.



At the end of the day, feelings of inferiority have more to do with the effort an individual puts into life, not the unfair treatment they’re given. Being famous is a privilege after all, and it’s not always the greatest thing in the world.


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