Phrases to Stop Using to Live a Happier Life Right Now

Everyone wants have a happier life. You wake up in the morning promising yourself that today is the day you’re going to stop letting stress get to you, stop letting people get to you and start living a happier life. Yet, no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to make yourself stay any happier for longer than a few hours at a time. Here’s why; these three sayings are making you unhappy.

I Hate Fill in the Blank

Hate is an ugly word that automatically takes you from happier to unhappy. When you hate something, even if you’re just saying you really hate Brussels sprouts, you’re bringing bad energy into your mind in the form of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts will cause you to begin focusing on other negative thoughts, taking you further and further from your happier state of mind.

I’m Bored

Life is entirely too short to be bored. If you simply have so little to do in life that you have time for boredom, no wonder you’re unhappy. Fill empty stretches of time with hobbies, friends, family and the other things in life that make you feel happy. Additionally, when you do find yourself bored, think about all the things in your life for which you have to be thankful. For example, if you’re bored at home it’s because you work hard at work and get to enjoy time off. If you’re bored at work, it’s time for a new challenge and a project.

I Can’t

Nothing is worse for your happiness than this negative phrase. I can’t is an ugly phrase that should only be used when absolutely necessary (ie – I can’t believe she shaved her head and joined the circus). When you limit yourself by saying I can’t do something, you’re making yourself feel unhappy. Instead, try replacing can’t with, “I’ve never done it before, but I like a challenge,” or “Okay,” or, “Why not?”

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