Handling Stress from Situations You Can’t Control

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We talk a lot about stress because it’s a common occurrence in all our lives. Whether it’s severe, mild, occasional or just really annoying from time to time, talking about what causes you stress is a great way to help you rid yourself of stress in your life. However, not all stress is the same. Some is the kind of stress that motivates you to do better in life. Other stress is the kind you can’t really do anything about; and that’s what we’re talking about today.

We give a lot of advice on how to handle stress, but how are you supposed to deal with stress that doesn’t have a solution? Simple; with these tips.

Learn to Accept

Sometimes stress isn’t productive. Maybe the stress of wanting that big promotion causes you to work harder; that’s called motivational stress. However, sometimes stress is useless. Say, for example, that a loved one was diagnosed with an illness and there’s nothing you can do about it. Since you cannot solve this problem, stressing about it is not productive. I know it’s easier said than done, but you have to learn to accept the facts of life and not let them cause you undue stress. Trust me – it’s not easy. But it’s not doing you or anyone else any favors if you’re continuously stressed about something you cannot fix or change in any way.

Learn to Let Go

There are other types of stress that are also difficult to deal with. For example, you might find yourself in a relationship with a man who simply isn’t what you thought and you finally realize that he’s not going to change. While you keep hoping and stressing about the situation in hopes that it will improve, you cannot change another person. In this situation, the only alternative is to let it go. When you face a great deal of unchangeable stress, sometimes letting it go is the only way to find peace.

Talk About It

Talking about what stresses you out might not cure your stress, but it can make you see it in a different light. The perspective of others is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage.

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