Giving Up Controlling Tendencies Can Be Freeing

Controlling tendencies can ruin the best of relationships.  And they can also occur in many of your relationships.  You may find that you have controlling tendencies with your romantic relationship, your work relationships, relationships with extended family members and more.  More than likely, if you have had controlling tendencies in one relationship, you have had them in others.

Why do people attempt to be controlling?  Most of the time, their intentions are good natured.  They want to help the person they are being controlling with and believe that they know best.  The truth is that a lot of times the person who is being controlling does have a lot of valuable advice to offer but they push others away when they come on so strong.

If you find that you have controlling tendencies, you have probably noticed that some people have started to keep their distance from you.  This is because they do not welcome your interference in their lives.  If they are a grown adult then they have the right to make their own decisions, whether they are wise or unwise decisions.

Giving up controlling tendencies can be very difficult, because they likely have become a way of life for you.  You love people therefore you want to be controlling with them to make sure that they have the best in their lives.

Giving up the personality trait of being controlling takes conscious work.  Make a decision to release the person or people that you have been trying to control.  Accept that they are responsible for their own decisions.  Trust them to make the right decisions for themselves.  If that is difficult to swallow, you can comfort yourself with the fact that you are still available if they wish to talk with you about something they are facing.

For more help on giving up controlling tendencies, this article by Dr. Phil can offer you even more help.

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