Does a Liquid Diet Really Work?

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Losing weight quickly and easily is something many people are very allured by. Why work out when you can drop pounds as easy as just drinking your calories? It seems like everyone is juicing or detoxing with various liquids, including that spicy lemonade “master cleanse” drink. With so many people swearing by it, it must work… right? 

Liquid diets are pretty self-explanatory: you’re controlling caloric intake by only taking in liquids. However, there are a number of ways this is executed. Some are strictly fluids only – fruit and/or vegetable juices or shakes – that replace all 3-4 meals. Others allow you to eat a meal (usually dinner), while replacing two of your meals with juices or shakes. 

Because of the limited calories you are taking in on a liquid diet, yes, you will lose weight. It’s a proven fact that if you eat fewer calories than you burn off, you drop weight. However, more often than not, when getting off an all-liquid diet, you will gain back the weight you lost. Some of these liquid diets work better than others, but researchers have found that the most effective way to go on a liquid diet, lose weight and keep it off is to include food as well the liquid juices.

Aside from the concern if the diet works, another factor that should be taken into consideration when opting to do a liquid diet is the fact that they aren’t always safe. Liquid diet drinks ideally should have the nutrients you need on a daily basis, but of course that isn’t always the case – especially when you factor in the least amount of calories possible. Ultra low calorie diets such as juicing can lack the essential nutrients needed and may lead to side effects including hair loss, dizziness, fatigue – even gallstones. You definitely need to incorporate protein and fiber along with the liquids.

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