Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy in 3 Simple Steps

You probably do an amazing job taking care of your family and making sure everyone is happy and healthy, but even with your best efforts in place it is very easy to miss something. When it comes to the happiness and health of you, your spouse and your little ones, taking the extra time to go the extra mile is important. However, sometimes you think you are doing everything you can, even when you aren’t.


You clean the counters after making a meal, wipe down the toys after other kids come to visit and wash the sheets and toys regularly once your kids are over their illness, but what about places that are crawling with germs because you touch them all the time? It’s easy to forget to wipe down your door handles, cabinet handles and sink faucets when everything else is already clean, but with so many little fingers on these things every day; they’re pretty nasty.

Remember the Art

You love your family photos and your artwork, but they might be making your family sick. If anyone has allergies your artwork and wall photos might be making them sick. Don’t forget to wipe them down every few weeks with a disinfecting wipe to remove the dust that tends to accumulate on frames.

Wash for 20 Seconds

This is the most common mistake you might make with your family when it comes to staying germ free and clean. Your hands are not clean after 10 seconds in the sink. You all need to practice using warm water, lathering with soap and washing for at least 20 seconds each and every time. And don’t forget to wash often; so many things in your house are covered in germs and washing them off before you get the chance to spread them is always a good idea.


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