How to Improve Your Health by Drinking Coconut Water

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While we know that drinking sugary drinks like soda aren’t something you want to drink on the daily, it can get quite monotonous and boring to just drink water all the time. A great alternative to drinking just water is to mix it up once in a while and sip on some coconut water instead. If you haven’t heard about coconut water, it’s time to get acquainted! The naturally sweet coconut taste can curb the sweet tooth, while the clear, refreshing drink is just as thirst quenching as its regular water counterpart. Even if you are familiar with coconut water, there are many health benefits to drinking it.

Here are the health benefits of drinking coconut water:

– Coconut water helps with digestion. If you have digestion problems and/or suffer from acid reflux, sip on some high-fiber coconut water, which helps prevent indigestion.

– It’s a great aid in weight loss. Coconut water suppresses your appetite and can be very filling, but the fat content is ridiculously low so there’s no worry about packing on the pounds.

– It can help in lowering your blood pressure. Coconut water is very rich in magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C, which are all linked to lowering blood pressure.

– Drink it in the morning to get some extra energy to start off the day. You can also drink it in the afternoon after a workout to replenish lost electrolytes, or just to get you through the afternoon slump!

– While it is delicious and nutritious, it still contains calories and natural sugars. There’s no actual limit to how much or how often you should drink it, but most servings are around 40 to 65 calories each. If you are consuming a lot of coconut water, you should be leading a very active lifestyle. For the average person, it’s best to limit yourself to two servings a day.

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