Five Ways You Can Become More Hygienic

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Good hygiene is they key to having better health. After all, keeping clean keeps the germs and bacteria at bay! While we have been taught to brush our teeth twice daily, shower every day, and to wear deodorant, it seems that we as adults even forget to do these things that were ingrained in our heads since we were kids. Failing to be hygienic causes more illnesses than we like to admit, and most of us think that we are pretty good with hygiene to begin with.

Here are five ways you can become more hygienic:

1. Shower daily. We’ve been taught this since we were old enough to understand, but still people tend to forget this one – or rather, they don’t give this one enough time! Even if you aren’t washing your hair on a daily basis, be sure to hop in the shower or bath and give your body a scrub to get rid of the dirt and grime that can accumulate on the daily.

2. Don’t share items like makeup, towels, and razors and with anyone. They say sharing is caring, but when it comes to hygiene, that’s not the case! This is the easiest way to prevent Staph infections, which you can get by sharing any of the above – yikes!

3. Clean the surfaces in your home or office regularly. Everything you touch has bacteria on it and should be sanitized on a regular basis. Get rid of that dirty dust and grime by cleaning your windows, tabletops, counters, computer keyboard, mouse, remote control, telephone, and even the doorknobs, which is one of the most filthy places in a room. You can avoid a lot of illnesses this way!

4. Take care of your hair. Wash it enough to make it smell nice and not look greasy and unkempt. Be sure to also get a trim every six to eight weeks to ensure the best care for your tresses.

5. Wash your face every night. This is a step that we all know about but don’t always practice. Women usually put on some makeup on a daily basis, whether it’s just a moisturizer with SPF or more, like mascara, powder, lipsticks, eyeliner, etc. It’s important to have that all off your face before your head hits the pillow.

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