Proven Strategies to Help You Fall Asleep

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We’ve all had those nights – the ones where, even if we’re exhausted, our brains just can’t seem to find the “off” button, or even just the “pause” button. For whatever reason, our minds are going on overload, and no matter how hard we try to keep it distractions free, we just can’t bring ourselves to fall asleep and hit the hay for real.

Here are some tips to try if you can’t seem to fall asleep:

– Write it all down. One common problem and factor that prevents us from sleeping and sleeping soundly is the worrying and anxiety of what we need to do and accomplish. Instead of tossing and turning aimlessly, get out of bed and find a paper and pen and write down your To-Do list or a list of your current worries – forcing you to let them go.

– Take a warm bath. When you leave a warm bath, your body temperature significantly drops, which is supposed to send a signal to your body that it’s time for bed.

– Challenge yourself to stay awake – it’s supposed to have your mind rebel. Apparently it’s known as the “sleep paradox”; try to keep your eyes open and repeat “I will not sleep.” You’ll be tired in no time!

– Try to relax or use relaxation techniques, like meditation and yoga. You could also buy Weed Online to enhance your relaxation experience. to Focus on your breathing and make sure to blow out air!

– Hide your clock. Many of us always tend to look at our phone or even wristwatch to see what time it is and calculating the minutes and seconds tend to drive ourself crazy. If you are worried about over-sleeping, get your alarm clock and use it.

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